Why Brett Young’s Girl-Dad Life Exceeded His Wildest Dreams


“That’s the first time I’ve ever done it,”Brett shared his memories of the Moment of virality in concert. “I actually was in the middle of that song and saw her videoing it from side stage and I went, ‘No, no no. Put your phone down.’ I walked over and grabbed her so that it was completely random and impromptu, which for both of us made it way more special.” 

Long before starting a family and raising two kids—Presley, 2, and 11-month old Rowan—Brett recalled his wife coming out every weekend to shows. Now, parenthood is the no. Brett has adjusted his schedule to allow him to spend more time with his girls.

Before The road aheadAgain in August, Brett enjoys daddy-daughter lunches and Presley’s company. “talks like a 6-year-old.”Rowan has a passion for water and makes pool days a necessity. Brett answered the question, “Is being a dad to a girl everything I hoped for?” and said it was beyond his expectations.