‘You’ Showrunner discusses creating empathy for Joe and Love


We anticipate You Season 3, many of us are wondering if we’re still going to somehow be rooting for Joe. Played by Penn Badgley, Joe is a murderer with an affinity for stalking women … not really the best guy. We find ourselves rooting every season for him.

In Season 3, Joe marries Love Quinn-Goldberg, his stalkee of the past, and they have a baby together. How do the new parents cope with a newborn and a growing body count? How do we sympathize with these psychopathic, bloodthirsty characters. PaleyFest was a great opportunity to hear Sera Gamble, the showrunner.

Joe and Love are just regular people… with a body count.

The entire PaleyFest interview, Penn Badgley, who plays Joe, and Victoria Pedretti, who plays Love, referred to Joe and Love’s very typical human plights. Joe and Love are super normal … except for the fact that they have a body count. Sera Gamble, showrunner explained how viewers can empathize so well with these criminal characters.

Source: Netflix

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“You can stay on board with really extreme situations if you truly understand where this character is coming from,”She shared. “So a lot of the work is handing them something that makes sense and then giving them the space to behave like humans and work their way through these crazy situations.”

We’ve all been put in unmanageable situations and somehow found a way out. It’s just that in the case of Joe and Love, their way out is … murder.

Penn and Victoria’s acting chops help seal the deal in ‘You.’

“Actors on set need to pause for a lot longer than you would in life in conversation because the first AD or Penn’s stand-in are reading his [inner-monologue] so that we have the timing right,”Sera explained that this makes it very difficult for actors to perform their roles.

“But the unexpected gift of that … is there’s Victoria just being and behaving and living in Love’s body for a really long time because Joe’s head won’t shut up. It makes me love the characters more.”

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YouThis allows actors to just be themselves and behave like people, which is what makes them so interesting. Penn jokes that he barely talks while on set, which viewers at home don’t realize because so many of his lines are his inner monologue. But what’s great about that is that it gives us a chance to see these characters in their natural habitats.

Source: Netflix

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“I have the same mixed feelings about the characters that everyone does,” Sera admitted. “But when I just watch her for a really long time and then she says something vulnerable and waits for her husband to say something, and it can take a really long time because he thinks so much before he speaks, it can allow us to see these characters just be in the situation more.”

So if we’re feeling bad when we enjoy watching the characters of You commit some of those heinous acts against humanity, just know that it’s okay! We’re supposed to empathize with them, and showrunner Sera, along with gifted actors Penn and Victoria, are pros at tugging on our heartstrings.

YouSeason 3 debuts on Netflix October 15, 2021.

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