America’s Largest Tiny Home Community Will Be Home to 224 Un-housed California Residents


America’s largest tiny home community is now in Highland Park, California, and the new neighborhood will be housing people in need.

Two hundred twenty-four people who previously didn’t have a place to sleep will soon move into their own tiny spaces. Outreach teams visited the community to sign-up unhoused individuals for the November 2 move in day.

“It’s your un-housed neighbors that will be living here,” Rowan Vansleve from the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission said. “It’s better here. Getting treatment, getting care, getting services, than in your backyard.”

And although it’s a good idea, some feel that the tiny homes are in bad locations and these communities that transition people out of homelessness have not been welcomed everywhere. 

Citizens in Reseda, California, marched to an L.A. city councilman’s home to protest after 50 tiny houses were built in their neighborhood.

Rosie Martinez lives just yards from the new home village and told KCBS that she sees the benefits for residents.

“This is going to help them get a job,”She elaborated. “Help them get permanent housing, healthcare, or if they need anything else positive for them. That’s the place to be for them.”

The tiny homes measure 8 feet by 8 feet and have heating, cooling, and electricity. The city paid approximately $8,000 for each tiny home, including delivery and set-up.