California Swimmer Rescued by Shark Paddle Boarders Say They Fear They Could Be Next


California man who was bitten by sharks in Lovers Point Beach in Monterey sustained severe injuries. Quick-thinking, compassionate bystanders saved the victim.  

According to Joe Amelio of Pacific Grove City Council, the swimmer sustained serious injuries to his stomach, arm, and leg during Wednesday’s attack.

The man was badly bitten by sharks. Paddleboarders quickly rushed to his aid and brought him back to shore. The injured man was rescued by a number of people who rushed to his aid. 

Locals claimed that the victim was part of a swim team. He was about 150 yards off shore when the shark attacked him. Paul Bandy and Aimee Johnson, good Samaritans who were celebrating their anniversary while paddleboarding, heard a man shouting for help. 

“In my 15 years I have never seen anything like this,”Johns shared Inside Edition. “It was almost like someone took out a knife and cut his leg in half.”

Another surfer was also in the area and swam out on a board to help him get to shore. 

“My legs are in the water and I am kicking as hard as I can because I want to get the victim to shore quickly, but then I’m thinking, with all the blood being released from the victim’s wounds, it’s basically, I’m swimming in a blood bath and I could be next,” Johns said. 

Bandy shouted to everyone on the beach to use tourniquets. A doctor and an emergency room nurse were both there to help. They said that the man was saved by the kindness of the people who stood beside him. 

The man was quickly rushed to the hospital.  

Kevin Phillips, a witness, showed the victim being carried to shore by other surfers. In a video shared on social media.

“True heroes! Hope the guy is ok. Fast reaction from EMTs and a nurse who just happened to be on the beach!”It was his caption.

The Monterey fire and Seaside fire departments searched for the shark with aerial drones. California State Parks closed Lovers Point and Sea Palm turnout beaches through Saturday. According to CBS News.

According to police, the shark was not yet found. 

Johns and Bandy, a hero couple who helped the victim escape, said that they have spoken with the woman and she confirmed that the man survived the surgery and his leg is still intact. They will meet once he is fully recovered.