Camila Coelho gives birth to her first baby


Officially, a three-person family.

Camila CoelhoShe welcomed her first child together Ícaro Coelho. The Brazilian fashion and beauty influencer shared the news on social media, calling their baby boy “our angel.”

Kai Coelho - born 8/5/22 at 8:52pm,” She wrote August 7th on Instagram. “We are so grateful he is healthy and here with us.”

Along with the announcement, Camila shared several photos from the big day, including a sweet black-and-white snap of Kai holding on to his dad’s hand and a video of herself crying “tears of happiness”Hearing her son’s cry “after almost 24 hours in labor.”

The 34-yearold announced her first pregnancy in March and called it a success. “dream come true.”

“It has truly been the happiest 23 weeks of my life,” she wrote alongside photos from a Maternity shoot she did for Vogue Brazil. “After a sensitive journey, with so much fear and many frustrations, God has blessed us with the most special gift in life, the one we have dreamed of the most - OUR BABY!!!”