“Road House,” A Reboot Is in the Works, But Where is The Original Cast?


Road HouseIs getting a remake. 1989 Patrick SwayzeAmazon Prime will bring back classic and it will be staring Jake Gyllenhaal Conor McGregor. The original film had a very deep cast. Let’s learn what they’re up to now.

Patrick Swayze

Swayze enjoyed an amazing run from 1984 to 1991. Just to pluck some highlights, he followed 1984’s smash hit Red Dawn with 1987’s Dirty Dancing. After Road House, he did Ghost in 1990, then Kathryn Bigelow’s beloved action film Point Break1991. That’s five movies that have stood the test of time all in a few short years, plus he found time to star in one of the most beloved sketches in SNL history: “Chippendales Audition”Chris Farley Remarkable.

Swayze was first diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma in 2008. It spread to his liver. Swayze was famous for not quitting smoking even after being treated. Swayze was tragically young at 57.

Kelly Lynch

Kelly Lynch was Dr. Elizabeth Clay opposite Swayze. Lynch had a great run in the 1980s. Her breakthrough came one year earlier in the Tom Cruise film. Cocktail. After Road HouseShe starred in Drugstore Cowboy. This film earned her one nomination for the Independent Spirit Award. When she declined, it was a major error. Basic Instinct in 1992, as it’s the film that made Sharon Stone a household name. 

Lynch has been a steady worker over the years, on both large and small projects. Lynch played a regular role in the management of several projects. The L WordThe 2010 reboot of 90210. The 2017 Audience series was her last major project. Mr. MercedesBased on Stephen King’s works,

Annette Bening

We’re cheating a little bit here, but did you know Annette Bening was supposed to be in Road House? She was originally intended to play the role of Dr. Elizabeth Clay. But, according to reports, she has since been cast as Dr. Elizabeth Clay. Swayze had no chemistry. It’s not like Bening was an unknown either; she’d already been nominated for a Tony Award in 1987 for Coastal Disturbances. Instead of Road HouseBening was the star of the Colin Firth romcom Valmont.

You are missing out Road House certainly didn’t hurt Bening’s career at all. In 1990, she was nominated for her first Academy Award. The Grifters. She worked alongside great directors such as Tim Burton, Barry Levinson and Sam Mendes. Bening can reflect on a great career and still be able to cash Marvel checks. It’s not bad at all.

Sam Elliott

Sam Elliott played Swayze’s mentor in Road House. It’s roles like this one that placed him among the greatest character actors of all time. Elliott had been in a number of roles by 1989. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, The Quick and the Dead Gunsmoke.

Elliott has more than 100 credits. He played a small, but crucial role in the Coen Brothers classic. The Big LebowskiAnd was nominated for the Academy Award A Star is Born. He was convicted of homophobic complaints last year. The Power of the Dog, but he’s still getting work.

Ben Gazzara

The big baddie Road HouseBen Gazzara played the role. Gazzara was a widely respected actor who came up in the Actors’ Studio. He starred in the film opposite James Stewart Anatomy of a MurderIt is widely regarded as one of the most important films ever made.

Gazzara would appear in the film, just like Elliott. The Big Lebowski. Like Elliott, he was prolific. He was starring in five movies per year by the mid-1990s. This was on top of his TV appearances. Gazzara was awarded an Emmy Award in 2003, and he died in 2012 at the age 81.

Keith David

It’s your responsibility to give it up Road HouseIt was a great honor to have so many men with extraordinary voices. In addition to Elliott, Keith David was a part-time bartender in the action flick (though it wasn’t so important). “bit”Part that is why the grainy image above is all we have. Perhaps his most well-known films with John Carpenter are those of David. The Thing They Live.

David and Elliott were co-stars in The Quick and The Dead, which is just one of David’s 300-plus roles. He’s a legendary voice-over artist who’s still very much in demand. He was also a notable addition to the group. CommunityAs Elroy Patashnik.

Some Memorable Bit Players

Margins Road HouseYou will find many interesting people who lived a full life away from the big screen. Terry Funk played one the many Swayze men. He’s also a legendary professional wrestler who’s been inducted into numerous wrestling halls of fame all over the planet. Funk is a key figure in the history of professional wrestling. Funk was still wrestling into his seventies when he retired from professional wrestling in 2017.

Red West’s most popular role came in Road House, but it’s hardly the most interesting part of his life. He was Elvis Presley’s confidant and bodyguard, and was also one the writers of Elvis: What happened?. The expose revealed Presley’s drug abuse to the world. In 2017, West died.

Jeff Healey, a singer and guitarist, is all over Road House. He recorded the soundtrack music with his band and appeared in the movie. Healey was the one responsible for the hit song “Angel Eyes”That was in 2007. He died in 2007.

We’ll have to wait and see who else director Doug Liman gets for his remake.

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