China gas explosion: Homes and shops and everything, destroyed an entire street


A huge gas explosion at a restaurant located in China’s Liaoning Province destroyed an entire street.

Officials claim that at least one person was killed and 33 were injured. Rescue work continues.

The explosion took place in Shenyang City’s Heping District at 8.20 AM local time.

Officials released this statement to confirm the incident: “Many shops and residential buildings in the surrounding area were affected.

“Public security and fire fighting in Heping District, Emergency, Urban Construction, Xinhua Sub-district Office, gas supply and water supply were all involved in the emergency response.

They confirmed that an investigation was launched to determine the cause of the explosion.

Officials confirmed that at most one person was killed and 33 others were injured in a second update. They were rushed to a local hospital.

Liaoning Province emergency services also provided an update. They confirmed that 110 firefighters and 35 fire engines were dispatched from three fire stations in order to deal with the emergency.

It is distressing to see firefighters tending one woman’s wounds while she was being rescued from the road.

In earlier videos, there were bright flashes and then the sound of an explosion as debris was piled up.

After the blast, there was a huge power outage in Shenyang City. A thick cloud of smoke gathered above the debris.

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