Following a bear encounter that claimed the life of a friend while on a fishing trip, a boxer fights for his life. - Breaking News


Ilya Medvedev was fishing on the Irtysh River, Russia, with fellow angler Vyacheslav. ‘Slava’Dudnik were attacked suddenly

A young boxer is currently in serious condition after he killed a wild bear by knifing and fighting it off.

Ilya Medvedev was fishing on the Irtysh River, Russia, with fellow angler Vyacheslav. ‘Slava’Dudnik was attacked suddenly

Vyacheslav (48) was quickly killed by the raging beast. The beast then attacked Vyacheslav, a professional boxer aged 23.

Denis Chebotar (41), was also fishing and was trying to secure their small boat at the riverbanks when he heard the screams of desperate shouts. “a bear”.

He ran to the forest to help his friends when he heard shots.

“I heard screams. They shouted, ‘A bear!’

“When I reached the spot, I saw Slava dead,” He said.

The Russian championships were won by the boxer.

“Ilya was finishing the bear off with a knife,” He said.

“He had time to shoot twice, then obviously retreated, recharged, and made two more shots.”

Despite its gunshot wounds, the bear continued to attack.

The bear knocked the gun away and “Ilya was stabbing it with a knife”.

Although the bear was eventually defeated, he left the boxer with severe wounds.

Mr. Chebotar pulled the “barely alive” Boxer was transferred to the boat by his father and taken to the nearest hospital.

He is now in intensive medical care after suffering injuries to his head as well as to his body.

Reports state that criminal investigators are investigating the bear attack.

Medvedev took home a gold medal in the 64kg category at the Armed Forces Boxing Championships 2019.

In 2017, a cyclist was caught by large brown bears as he chased him through the forest.

Dusan Vinzik was wearing a helmet camera and captured the terrifying encounter with his friend as they rode in Malino Brdo in Slovakia.

The clip shows the front rider in a red and black top taking on the difficult course.

The course suddenly changed when a large bear appeared and started to gallop towards a fast-moving bike.