Jenna Bush Hager shares important message about body positivity


Jenna Bush Hager reminisced on her time at summer camp recently after talking about her own daughter’s time at camp this year. The TodayHost used this opportunity to share important thoughts on how to maintain a positive body appearance. 

Hager: ‘Why Do We Spend Our Days Worried’What is our Bodily Health?

Hager’s daughter Mila, 9, recently returned from summer camp, and her time at camp reminded Hager of her own summer activities. “A friend from camp texted me a photo of myself at camp at the same age as Mila,”She told Hoda Kotb, her co-host. 

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“It’s like this thing about being a girl, maybe it’s just me,”She went on. “Do you know what’s so funny? I remember thinking I never wore a bikini thinking that I was the chubby one and then I look at this little person and I think ‘You weren’t chubby, you were in a bikini and you were owning it and you loved it!’ So why do we spend our days worried about things like that?”

Fan Reactions ‘So True!’

Hager was quickly endorsed by his fans. “So true! I look at my 40 year old self and think, ‘I look so fit and pretty, why was I fretting about my looks?’”One person wrote. 

“We learn to be self critical by others judging us as we grow up!”One person was cited. “Unfortunately we believe the critical & take it in as truth!” Another follower had some great words of wisdom for parents who want to build their kids’ self-confidence. 

One Follower’s Advice: ‘Let’s Reach Out And Build Young Ones Up!’

“Agree ! wish we could encourage young ones not to focus on what they think are weaknesses . I have a high forehead & always felt self conscious & yes many times feeling chubby ! Omg looking back I wasn’t chubby, my forehead isn’t super high but my young eyes & insecurities needed to mature,”They wrote. “Let’s reach out & build young ones up ! Compliment them, help them to try out for a sport , a part in a play ! How boring if we all looked alike ! Jenna you were so cute !”

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Hager’s message of body positivity is an important one, especially for young people who are struggling to fit in or figure out who they are. Fans of the Today Show loved her thoughts on accepting all parts of yourself. 

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