Katie Holmes quit smoking while pregnant, but now she’s back at it again


Before Katie Holmes, She welcomed her daughter Suri Cruise. Holmes used to smoke. Holmes quit smoking while pregnant with her 15-year old daughter. However, the paparazzi caught Holmes, 42, returning to her old habits. The report was honestly downright creepy.

Katie Holmes Caught Red-Handed

Although she’d quit smoking after her ex-husband Tom Cruise requested it back in 2005, just before the birth of their daughter Suri, Katie Holmes was recently caught indulging in the bad habit by paparazzi.

Holmes was photographed occasionally sneaking off to smoke a quick puff since her divorce from Cruise 2012. However, this incident is quite different from other times Holmes was caught with cigarettes.

Photographers from The Daily Mail Catch the Batman BeginsActress leaves her Manhattan home. She got in a car to take her to Brooklyn. She jumped in a town car that took her to Brooklyn. MailActually, Holmes actually tallied the cigarettes he smoked during the excursion. “Appearing to pack in as much nicotine at once, Holmes quickly sucked down three whole cigarettes.”

Incognito Mode Didn’t Work So Well For Holmes

Holmes was clearly dressed in a way to avoid attention, though, with a famous face like hers, it’s difficult to disguise herself even with a face mask. Holmes wore a navy hoodie with dark sweatpants. Under her chin, she wore a black knit newsboy cap with a red knit face mask.

Despite her disguise, photographers were able to locate her and follow her several miles to another location to capture this moment. Honestly, if we were in Holmes’ shoes, we’d probably go ahead and smoke that second and third cigarette as well. You have to deal with constantly looking at cameras and watching your back.

To be clear, smoking is absolutely terrible for your health, but is being stalked by photographers any better for anyone’s health? At least Holmes was considerate enough to stand out of anyone’s way while giving in to her nicotine habit. She looked like she could use a little smoke break if we’re being honest.