ALDI Salad Recalled


Salad lovers must be careful before they eat their next meal. ALDI advises consumers to avoid popular salads because they may contain allergens that aren’t clearly labeled on the package. According to Food Standards Agency Australia New ZealandA public health alert has been issued by ALDI Stores after they voluntarily recall The Fresh Salad Co Thai Coconut Wild Rice Prepared Salad, due to the presence cashews.

The Fresh Salad Co Thai Coconut Wild Rice Preparated Salad was recalled. It was sold in a 500g size. The clear plastic container with a pink and black product label contained the recalled salad. This recall applies to salads made with the recalled product. “Use By”Dates “03-Jul-2022,” “04-Jul-2022,” “05-Jul-2022,” “06-Jul-2022,” “07-Jul-2022,” “08-Jul-2022,”And “09-Jul-2022.”Only Australian consumers seem to be affected by the recall. The salads could have been purchased at ALDI stores across Australia in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria.

ALDI recalled the products after it was discovered that the salads could contain cashews. This ingredient is not listed on the product. Consumers allergic to cashews could be at risk of their lives as they are a tree nut. Tree nut allergies are the most common food allergy. Itching and hives around the mouth, wheezing as well skin reddening and swelling of the lips and tongue can all be symptoms of allergy. Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening reaction where the tree nuts are consumed.

Consumers with a cashew allergy or intolerance should not eat the recalled Fresh Salad Co Thai Coconut Wild Rice Preparated Salad due to the potential health risks. For a refund of your purchase price, return the product to ALDI.

In A recall noticeALDI posted it to its website. “takes product quality and safety seriously and we apologise for any inconvenience.” Recall page for the companyThe company stated that several recalls have been listed in this area. “everything we do at ALDI is performed with one goal in mind: to provide consumers with only the best products at the lowest prices. Though, our top priority is you and your family’s safety – and we take every measure to fulfill that promise,”Add that “any product that does not meet the government’s and our own standards in any of these areas will be efficiently removed from sale and we will notify customers via a Product Recall alert.”