Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are ignored by fans who call William a ‘King” in charity work


Online royal fans have hailed Prince William as a future king after his performances at the Earth shot Festival.

This comment is a possible snub for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as William announced that the Earshot Festival will be held in the USA next year.

Particularly, his leadership skills have been praised on Twitter. His charity work contrasts with recent concerns about Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s multi-million dollar TV, book, and business deals.

One Twitter fan wrote this: “The success of tonight’s event was complete evidence that Prince William not only delivers but his power- especially with the discussion he sparked about space tourism and all the support he got.

“Next year, William [is]”Come to the USA like a King.”

It’s not his demeanor alone that has won him plaudits on the internet.

According to boohooMAN Google is in high demand for‘ velvet suits the stock shot up by 426% after Prince William stuns crowds in a bottle-green velvet suit at Sunday’s glittery Earthshot Prize Awards.

After Prince William announced that the 2022 ceremony would be held in the United States of America, there has been much speculation.

The Cambridges might be joining forces with high-society “American royalty” For next year’s Earthshot award
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According to reports, some fans were excited by the possibility that the Royal Family might be establishing close ties with high society. “American royalty” To hold the prize again successfully as soon as 2022.

Viewers are particularly tipping the Cambridges that they will join forces with Kennedy’s political dynasty to host the next editions of their environmental awards.

Fans of Meghan and Harry may interpret the comment as a dig at the royal couple.
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The idea behind Prince William’s Earthshot initiative was partly inspired by US President John F Kennedy’s 1962 famous ‘Moonshot’ speech, where he set a challenge to America to put a man on earth’s natural satellite in the next ten years.

In September, Caroline Kennedy — the only surviving child of President Kennedy — stated that the JFK Library Foundation would be a leading partner of the Earthshot prize.

One user wrote: “I said this as soon as they announced the US, William had engagements with the Kennedy’s and I can see this happening”.

The Earthshot event crowns five winners in different environmental categories, who will be rewarded for their green innovations with £1 million every year until 2030.