Mum shares game-changing hack for parents tackling food stains from messy toddlers


A mum has shared her favourite product for banishing stubborn food stains from her toddlers clothes - which has sent mums wild on social media.

Lehandra Staude, who posts her ‘mum tips’ on TikTok as @lehandrabreanne, shared a clip of herself using a spray to get rid of smushed raspberry stains from her child’s sleeves.

The bright purple juice marks vanished within seconds, leaving the mum stunned as other parents flocked to the comments to praise her for the advice.

In the clip, which has gained more than 298,800 likes, the mum explained: “My baby was very obviously eating raspberries this morning. Watch this, it’s called Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater.

Lehandra shared the spray that helps her tackle the messy toddler

“Are you kidding me? You guys all saw that, right?”

TikTok parents were as fascinated by the product as other made jokes about how speedy and effective the spray was at getting the job done.

One user wrote: “It’s fine take my wallet.”

Another added: “*sighs* opens Amazon… it’ll be here Saturday. Thanks.”

A third said: “I need to spray that on my problems.”

A fourth commented: “I’m not a baby but I think I need this for myself??”

However, others claimed to have had bad experiences with the product as one user wrote: “The smell is terrible so I don’t use it on my kiddos clothes until she’s out of it, also wash the items that you spray right away or it’ll stain!”

Another added: “I bought this and it never worked.”

The stain disappeared from the sleeve within seconds

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A third warned: “Warning! Don’t use this on black or navy-coloured clothes. It will bleach them.”

The news came after a mum has found a way to get her children to be quiet.

Nina Spencer is mum to two sets of twins – aged 10 and four – and is also the founder of free group, The Chaotic Motherhood Tribe.

The 41-year-old uses a great method to get her children to quieten down – the “big kid voice” hack.