Candice LeRae’s Entrance to ‘WWE Raw’ Botches


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The graphics team at WWE made another error Monday night on Monday’s episode Raw. Candice LeRae was nearly denied entrance due to a mistake in Seth Rollins’ entry chyron. This one was very obvious, even though the Rollins glitch may have gone unnoticed by viewers. (You can watch the replay on YouTube. WWE Raw on USA Network via Fubo TV or another live service.)

In this match, LeRae was playing her second match since joining the team. WWE RawDakota Kai was her opponent. LeRae, the wife of Johnny Gargano, a WWE Superstar, walked out to greet fans at the Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, Minnesota. However, the TV broadcast incorrectly labeled her as Dakota Kai. For those who were watching at home, the botched lower third chyron was not to be missed.

Although it might not have been a big deal for most weeks, this seems like an awful time to make a mistake. LeRae is new to the WWE audience as she has spent most her time on the company. NXTBefore you take a break to go on maternity leave in the latter part of 2021. Making her familiar RawThis is her first main roster run, so it’s important to keep an eye on the fans. The WWE product is attracting more attention lately so there could be more confusion. (It’s also a pre-Extreme Rules show so many casual fans will be watching it for the first times in weeks. Hopefully, this won’t happen again and LeRae can continue to build her name — not Dakota Kai’s — as her time on Raw continues.

WWE Raw airs live each Monday night on USA Network, which is viewable via cable providers or live stream services such as Fubo TV. (For a free trial, click hereYou can watch the next episode via YouTube Hulu and 30 days later via Peacock. YouTube uploads highlights from each episode within hours of the live broadcast.

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