Nashville Teen, 16, is Charged with Fatal Stobbing of a 14-Year-Old Outside Walmart


According to reports, a Nashville 16-year-old has been charged in the stabbing death of a 14 year-old girl. The incident took place outside a Walmart. WKRN.

Isabelle Jocson, 16, was charged with criminal homicide following the stabbing death of Malia Powell, 14, Monday night in the parking lot of the Walmart, cops say.

Cops say that the two teens didn’t know each other, but “had words”According to the, inside the Walmart store at Dickerson Pike in Nashville. News Channel 9.

The two teens got into a heated argument in a parking lot near a bus stop. Police say that Jocson then stabbed Powell in the neck with a pocketknife. News Channel 5 reported.

News Channel 5 reported that the incident happened just before 10 pm. It’s not known what the teens were doing. “words”What is it about?

News Channel 9 reported Powell was taken into a nearby hospital and succumbed to her injuries. Police said that Powell was brought to the hospital by cops before they arrived.

News Channel 5 reported that Jocson was later detained by undercover officers.

“My baby didn’t deserve this. She was only 14 years old,”FOX 17 news interviewed Malia’s mom.

Inside Edition Digital reached out to Nashville Criminal Courts to get comment. We have not been able to find out if Jocson entered a plea or retained counsel.

It’s not known if Jocson is going to be charged with the crime or tried as an juvenile.