23-Years-Old Woman Diagnosed With Terminal Carcinoma After Lump Was ‘Dismissed Because Hormonal’.


Tasmin Gooding’s family believes doctors missed diagnosing her now “untreatable” Ten months ago, breast cancer.

The family of a woman who has died “untreatable” Breast cancer claim doctors failed to diagnose her after she ignored a lump in her breast. “hormonal.”

Tasmin Gooding (23), Ramsgate, Kent, was told that her cancer had spread to her neck, hips, and spine.

Her family was left shocked, devastated, and looking for answers about how Tasmin missed cancer despite her best efforts.

The Goodings has a long history of the disease. Tasmin’s mother was a survivor of breast cancer, and her sister, who is now three years old, has been fighting leukemia. KentLive reports.

However, doctors missed an early warning sign, a lump in Tasmin’s breast, her family claims.

Tasmin had her first appointment in November 2020. She found the lump and was unable, however, to bring another family member.

A biopsy was taken, and an ultrasound was performed at a hospital. The results revealed a hormonal lump.

Tasmin didn’t have a mammogram breast screen used to identify underlying cancer signs or small tumors.

Angela, Tasmin’s mother, said: “There was no mention of it at all about giving her a mammogram.

“It was not cancer, but she was told it was because she was 23 years old.

“I don’t believe that -, and now she’s got three tumors in her breast and one in her armpit.”

Tasmin’s weight loss in the months that followed caused more concern for the family.

Her mum continued: “By the beginning of August 2021, she starts drastically losing weight, and we thought she was depressed, she’d split up with her boyfriend, she wasn’t delighted.

“She had moved into her place, and we thought she was lonely. But then, we saw that the weight loss was quite significant.

“You know, she was showing bones and things like that.”

Tasmin discovered another lump in her armpit in September 2010, ten months after her first lump was diagnosed abnormal by doctors.

After she was scheduled for an ultrasound of the tumor, the radiologist immediately called for a biopsy.

The results came back in just a few days. Angela said: “We got a phone call from the secretary changing her appointment time, so she was the last of the day.

“They didn’t want us coming out when there are people in the waiting room, so they’ve given us the last appointment they’re going to tell us something terrible.

“But the other thing was they recommended that she brought somebody with her - and that answered it for me.”

All three of the tumors biopsied proved to be cancerous. The first scan revealed that the tumor had spread and was confirmed by a PET scan.

Tasmin’s family discovered that what had first been thought to be treatable stage two breast cancer had spread and progressed in just a short period between November 2020 and October 2021.

Instead, Tasmin has been diagnosed with stage four cancer of her breast. The disease had spread to her spine, neck, pelvis, and brain.

Her mother said: “How could it have turned from a hormonal lump to stage four terminal cancer in 10 months?

“They probably missed it. If she caught it the first time around, she might have been able to get treatment and get rid.

“Now she’s on palliative care, and they can’t give her a time limit as to how long she has left.”

She stated that she was “on a time limit” Together with her daughter. “She’s only going to survive so long - she’s not got any life ahead, she’s never gonna grow old - she can’t have kids.”

A GoFundMe page initially started by Tasmin’s colleague to get her through chemotherapy raised money to complete her bucket list.

Tasmin’s sister Jo said: “It’s incredible what people have done and shows how much she’s loved.

“I asked her, ‘what are the things you want to do for your bucket list’ and she said, ‘I just want to make memories with my family and friends and help the turtles from their nests to the sea.'”

Jo continued: “You know, she’s blonde, and she’s funny, and she’s all about fake tan and makeup.

“This was the first question she asked me when I mentioned chemo. She wanted to know if it was possible to fake tan.

“She always looks at life in the right way.”

The GoFundMe has since cleared £12,000 - well clear of the initial £2,000 goal - giving Tasmin the chance to go traveling as she’d planned.

Her mum and sister have shared her story in the hopes of raising awareness of breast cancer.

Angela said: “We want to say to girls her age - any age - don’t just take a doctor’s word for it.

“Push if your gut tells you there is something wrong.

“Always - if you’re offered an ultrasound and a biopsy, they should always do a mammogram.

“My niece who’s 21 wanted a check-up - and was told the only way she could do it is to pay £300 privately - and a lot of you can’t afford £300.

“Anybody that’s got daughters out there - tell them to get checked.”

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