Wendy Williams ‘Obsessed’Finding a Man and Making Dates: Do you sign disclosure agreements first?


Is it? Wendy Williams‘ love life in crisis mode? Rumor is the talk show host is both desperate to find a man and paranoid it will end in heartbreak and humiliation. Here’s what the tabloids are saying about Wendy Williams’ dating life.

Wendy Williams ‘Swears Off Men’What?

The following was published in May. Globe Wendy Williams reported that she was done searching for love. Williams was unhappy with her relationship life after an unfortunate affair with Mike Esterman. “Wendy thinks he has a lot of nerve and it’s left a bitter taste,”An insider’s dish. “Now getting involved with another man is the last thing she wants to do! She doesn’t want to put herself out there to be humiliated and embarrassed.”

The tabloid claims that Williams is just too lucky. Williams, who had a bad marriage, was looking for a much-needed break. And after her latest effort to get back on the horse, things weren’t looking good for the TV personality. Learn more about Williams’s stance on men here.

‘Desperate’ Wendy Williams ‘Obsessed’How to Find a Boyfriend

Williams might have sworn off men National Enquirer reports it wasn’t for long. Williams was apparently looking for a new boyfriend and even exploring unconventional options. According to an insider Williams “hasn’t had a boyfriend in forever,”And she was “reading up on ways to attract a man.”Some of these methods include “love spells, love potions, and crystals.”

But her off-the-beaten-path approach to dating wasn’t sitting right with her potential partners. “She Googles guys she likes and can’t get past an initial phone call because she already knows all about them,”Source confided. “It freaks them out!” We took a deep dive into Williams’ search for love here.

Wendy Williams Forcing Dates To Enter NDAs

Then: Star Williams had a straightforward approach to love. Williams became jaded when she learned that her husband of 22-years had given his mistress a baby. Williams once spoke highly of her ex-husband. “He was a serial cheater. [So] I will hire a private investigator and check you out to make sure you’re not lying to me.”According to the tabloid, she might not have been completely serious.

Williams made it official on Instagram with her boyfriend. She was determined to keep Williams safe in her new relationship. Williams signed a non-disclosure contract with her boyfriend before the couple went public. Williams may not have liked the idea. “Word is he’s wondering what he got himself into,”According to the insider “but the way Wendy sees it, she’s just protecting herself.” We looked into Williams’ new relationship here.