Amidst The Salmonella Outbreak CDC Warns People To Throw Away Their Onions


If you have some onions in your kitchen, the CDC says you need to throw them out.

According to federal health officials, there’s currently a Salmonella outbreak that has sickened more than 600 people in 37 states, all stemming from onions.

“Throw away any unlabeled onions at home. Do not eat, sell, or serve red, white, or yellow onions imported from Mexico and distributed U.S.-wide by ProSource Inc,” the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tweeted.

652 people have fallen ill with salmonella, and 129 have been admitted to the hospital. There has been no death.

“Epidemiologic and traceback data show that one source of infections in this outbreak is whole red, white, and yellow onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, and distributed throughout the United States by ProSource Inc, “In a statement, the CDC stated.

Officials said that some of those who got the infection was at the same restaurant as the victims.

Officials think the actual number of infected people may be higher because some people can recover after being tested. There’s also a possibility the outbreak is in more than 37 states, according to officials.

Officials advise that people discard their onions and clean up any areas where they contact them.

Salmonella symptoms include bloody diarrhea, high fever, vomiting, and signs of dehydration.

ACCORDING TO THE CDC, the US has approximately 1.35 Million Salmonella cases annually and about 420 deaths each year.