But there are ways to cut costs.


Holiday barbecues are being affected by inflation. Ground beef has risen by 36%. The number of chicken breasts is up 33%. Even burger buns have seen a 16% increase!

It’s going to cost a lot more than you’re used to, but there are ways to cut costs and still put on a great spread for July Fourth.

Several shoppers at Stew Leonard’s supermarket in Connecticut are finding ways to save on their groceries.

“I just opted from filet mignon that was $117 here, fully trimmed, to two London broils, which will run me about $35,”One shopper stated.

You can also save by opting for frozen burgers, which can be half the price of fresh ground beef, and loading up on cheaper, locally grown vegetables.

“Look around your local community and buy local, because one of the ways you save money there is transportation costs. And you see the price of fuel today, so it costs less to get that truck to our store,”Stew Leonard Jr., CEO.

Do it yourself instead of buying ready-to-eat food like potato salad and cut watermelon.

Tori Avey, a Los Angeles food blogger and chef, has created a holiday feast to share with her family and close friends. This year, she’s preparing chicken instead of expensive steaks.

“It really only takes 10 or 15 minutes on the grill. You grill up some chicken thigh meat, and it’s so juicy with that marinade — olive oil, turmeric, garlic, paprika, a little cayenne for heat — so delicious. And of course, the main ingredient is lemon,”Avey said.

She’s also making a low-cost grilled vegetable salad for a healthier option.

“That’s the best part. It’s affordable, it’s easy to make ahead and it tastes delicious,”Avey said.