Check out Drew Barrymore, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig’s moves in this vintage ‘SNL’ skit


Hosting Saturday Night Live This is an impressive feat for a star and allows them to show their comedy skills and let viewers see a different side of them. Drew Barrymore has hosted this show six times. Some fans may remember a funny sketch where Drew and Kristen Wiig teamed up to host the show. 

Drew Barrymore’s History With ‘SNL’

Barrymore holds the record for youngest host SNLShe was 7 years old when she made history in 1982. While the actress holds that record, there are a few others who have been close to her: Macaulay Cukin at 11, Fred Savage 13, Jodie Foster at 14. 

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There are plenty of memorable moments from Barrymore’s performances on the comedy show, but one sketch stands out to us: an SNLshortened to “Body Fuzion.”

Barrymore, Rudolph, Wiig, and Poehler’s Teamup

In the ’80s-themed sketch, Barrymore leads Rudolph, Wiig, and Poehler through an aerobics routine. You can hear the studio audience Barrymore teaches you how to crack upThe SNL Actresses “step left, step right”A low-energy workout. 

It becomes even more funny when Poehler is on the screen. “taking it easier.”Instead of moving, she sways side to side. Wiig flashes the camera when she raises her leg, making the audience laugh harder. 

The workouts are intercut with classic ’80s workout tape shots: closeups of the women’s waists and legs as they exercise, slow-motion scenes of the group working out, and more closeups of sweat dripping down their necks. 

What makes it even funnier is the consistently relaxed nature of the workouts and Barrymore’s repeated encouragements and reminders that, if the workout is too much for them, they can do an even slower one. 

All Four Actresses Can Be Talented Comedians

With co-stars like Rudolph, Wiig, and Poehler, it’s no surprise Barrymore shone in this sketch. All three SNL Stars have been consistently named among the most prominent show cast members of all times and have gone on star in blockbuster films and hit TV shows. 

It is unlike any other SNLBarrymore is no joke in the comedy department, and she hosts. Neben her appearances on the show and in many comedies, Barrymore has also starred in them. The Wedding Singer, Charlie’s Angels, 50 First DatesAnd Music and Lyrics. With all four of these talented and hilarious actresses in one skit, it’s no surprise this now A fan favorite is digital short.

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