Denmark Mall Shooting: 3 Dead or 3 Injured 


Officials from Denmark report that three people were shot dead and several others were injured in the shooting at Copenhagen’s mall on Sunday.

It happened at Field’s, one of Scandinavia’s biggest malls.

According to Copenhagen police, the victims included a man in his 40s as well as two young men. 

According to The Associated Press, a Danish 22-year old suspect was taken into custody. Authorities believe that he acted alone.

These kinds of incidents are rare in Denmark. Sunday’s gruesome incident sent people scrambling to take cover in shops, and others into a stampede. 

Some people were at the mall, in preparation for Harry Styles’ “Love on Tour”A Sunday night event at a nearby venue is planned.

Hanz Christian Stoltz was one of them. He was there before bringing his daughters to see the show. The 53-yearold said that he told the Associated Press “It is pure terror. This is awful. You might wonder how a person can do this to another human being, but it’s beyond … beyond anything that’s possible.”

The English Pop star canceled Sunday night’s show, tweeting, “I’m heartbroken along with the people of Copenhagen. I adore this city. The people are so warm and full of love.”

“I’m devastated for the victims, their families, and everyone hurting,”He went on.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t be together. Please look after each other. H”

Authorities say it’s too early to determine a motive, as the investigation into what caused the suspect to cause so much horror begins.