Dubious Source: Liev Schreiber Apparently Given ultimatum By Longtime Girlfriend To Propose or Break Up


It is Liev SchreiberUnder pressure to propose One tabloid claims that Ray Donovan actor’s girlfriend is getting impatient. Let’s check in on the longtime couple.

Taylor Neisen Gives Liev Schreiber An Ultimatum?

This week Star reports Liev Schreiber has been dating Taylor Neisen for five years, but the former beauty queen wants a sign that they’re moving in the right direction. “She is more traditional,”An insider confesses. “She wants to start a family with him, but only if they make things official first.” But sources say Schreiber doesn’t see the need. The famous actor was married to Naomi Watts for 11-years and they had two children together. However, they never got married.

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“Liev still isn’t sold on the idea, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to lose Taylor,”The tipster laments. “They’ve built something very special together. Even his children want to see him walk down the aisle. She’s given him a lot to think about.”

Liev Schreiber Under Pressure To Propose?

There is absolutely zero evidence to back up this story, and the outlet’s anonymous “insider” simply doesn’t cut it. First, where in the world could this source get this information? Claiming to know both Taylor Neisen and Liev Schreiber’s personal feelings would be outlandish enough. But then the tipster boldly claims to know what Schreiber’s children want. We simply aren’t falling for that.

Furthermore, we aren’t seeing a relationship in need of a wedding ring. Schreiber & Neisen look just as happy after five years of being together. Earlier this month, Schreiber’s ex Naomi Watts posted a photo of Neisen and her daughter captioned “#modern family.” Apparently, things are so solid between Schreiber and Neisen that she’s already been accepted into the family.

In other news, Schreiber & Neisen have been added to the list. Have been on a romantic getaway to Italy for the past week. They were seen on boat rides, at fancy parties, and walking along Venice streets. Clearly, the couple isn’t in some kind of marriage stalemate, and they are simply enjoying each other’s company the same way they have for the last five years.

The Tabloid has more Ultimatum Gossip

Of course, we’ve seen this schtick from Star before. The magazine reported last year that James Brolin told Barbra Strreisand to choose whether he or their dogs. Then the magazine claimed Taylor Swift was urging Joe Alwyn to propose before it’s too late. And most recently, the outlet alleged Lucy Boynton threatened to breakup with Rami Malek if he didn’t propose. Obviously, Star doesn’t really have the inside scoop on any famous relationships.

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