Following his title battle with Demetrius Andrade, Jason Quigley is considering a battle with Canelo Alvarez.


Quigley was just inches away from a fight against Alvarez when the pair signed to Golden Boy Promotions. She hopes to become a world champion by earning it in the future.

Jason Quigley talks about Demetrius Andrade fight

Jason Quigley would like to finally have a shot at Saul “Canelo” Alvarez if he can beat Demetrius Andrade next month for the world title.

Quigley will fly to Andrade’s homeland, located just minutes from Providence in Rhode Island, where the American was born, to try and win the middleweight title on November 19.

If he wins, he hopes to be able to fight Alvarez again, as he was on the last shortlist to fight his last summer before the multiple-weight champion of the world left Golden Boy Promotions.

Quigley lost to Callum Smith, then AvnyiYildrim in a showdown with AvnyiYildrim. He has since won a world title against Andrade by defeating Shane Mosley Jr.

Also, speaking with Mirror FightingQuigley stated that he hopes to win a chance at Alvarez at a Dublin media event.

“Demetrius Andrade, I believe, deserves fights with the big, big names out there like Canelo or Golovkin,” Quigley explained.

“He’s a two-time world champion, he should have been getting these kinds of fights, but he’s not and his biggest chance to get them is when he’s a world champion.

“I don’t think he’ll get them if he doesn’t have them now. I will take the belt from him and be the champion.

“I’m going to be a bigger draw for the Canelos, GGGs, Billy Joe Saunders, Chris Eubank Jr because of the Irish following because my fight style is a bit more fan-friendly than his.

“This is a big race, and a win could propel me to the top with the elites.”

Last summer, the news cycle was ablaze with talks of Quigley being the man to entice Alvarez into his first bout of the pandemic era, with broadcaster DAZN keen to keep him to his lucrative deal.

Unfortunately for the Irishman, the deal never came to fruition, and when Alvarez returned to the ring under the Matchroom banner in conjunction with his own ‘Canelo Promotions’, he was out of the equation.

Alvarez would first take on Callum Smith in San Antonio, before beating Avni Yildrim in Miami and Billy Joe Saunders in Dallas, while Quigley could only get out once against Mosley.

“I was one among three opponents,” Quigley said of his nearly made fight with the legendary Mexican last year.

“Yildrim was among them and got it. Although I’m way more advanced than Yildrim and I don’t know if he was mandatory for the WBC, or something similar,

“I never got sent the contract but I was told that I was one of three opponents that was being talked about and I thought that I was the favorite.

“It was me, Yildrim, and another Golden Boy fighter, Canelo, and I assumed I would get it, as we were both with the same promotion.

“But look, Yildrim had a better ranking with the WBC and everything, so that fight got made then.”

Quigley and Andrade will fight at the SNHU Arena, New Hampshire. This will be Quigley’s biggest fight and one he doesn’t want to miss, despite the potential future riches that a win would bring.

“I’m not looking past this fight, but I have long-term goals and visions in my career that I want to achieve, “He explained.

“In my head, I have ideas, visions, plans on where I want to get to but first off is getting that world title, that’s the key to opening all the doors.

“Unification, undisputed, moving up into super middleweight. But in the end, it’s business as usual on November 19.