Hallmark kicks off Christmas Season with Danica McKellar Movie You, Me & The Christmas Trees


The Hallmark Channel’s Christmas season begins in October. There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than by watching a Christmas movie and relaxing. You may recognize some faces in the new slate of films. Danica McKellarTonight is the kickoff. Here’s what’s going on.

Hallmark Royalty

McKellar is the only name that Hallmark has as close ties to. Lori Loughlin used to call the station home. Lacey Chabert is another example. But McKellar claims to be Hallmark Queen. She’s already starred in fifteen Hallmark films to date, and that number is only growing. She was selected to star in the first Christmas movie, which speaks volumes of her importance within the network.

Christmas Countdown

Hallmark Channel has started its Christmas season earlier than many would have expected. The ‘Countdown to Christmas’The ad campaign, which began on October 22, highlights the peculiarity of the Halloween holidays.

The first film is called You, Me & The Christmas Trees. McKellar stars alongside her ex-husband Wonder YearsJason Hervey and Hallmark legend Benjamin Ayres co-star.

According to the trailer, McKellar will teach Ayres some things about Christmas. This is McKellar’s fifth consecutive year starring in a Hallmark Christmas film. It is hard to imagine how this effort compares against other Hallmark Christmas films. Christmas She WroteAnd Christmas at Dollywood.

This is not the only one. Read on. 41 Christmas Movies(!!) The rest of 2021 will be aired on the network. Chabert stars in Christmas at Castle HartWhile High School Musical’s own Corbin Bleu will steal the show in Christmas Dance Reunion. If you’re ever wondering what a mid-2000s teen star is up to, say Chad Michael Murray or Haylie Duff, odds are they’re on Hallmark Channel.

McKellar: What else is McKellar up to?

McKellar’s customarily very busy at the moment. She will judge the upcoming Fox series Domino Masters, but that’s not the only network appearance she’s making. Recently, she starred in an episode on Home Economics ABC. The This is UsTopher Grace series, a Topher Grace-esque series, is currently in its second season. Maybe her one-off role could become a regular role.

Information on Domino Masters has been scarce since its announcement last May, but it still has an official page on Fox’s website. While these other gigs are promising, Hallmark is McKellar’s home.

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