Instagram Model Genie Exum Who Stabbed Boyfriend With A Knife Shouts: “Subscribe to my OnlyFans!”


Genie Exum, a social media star and star of social media, reportedly knifed her husband before she walked out of a Manhattan courthouse shouting. “Subscribe to my OnlyFans!”

Authorities said that the 22-year old knifed Babyboy Paulas in the arm and back at 6:45 PM Monday, October 18, in her Manhattan apartment on 10th Avenue.

Exum told a New York Post reporter, as she returned to her apartment on Tuesday evening, with a smile: “Subscribe to my OnlyFans!”

According to police, there was a “verbal dispute. “A 22-year-old female and a 30-year old male met up, where the female proceeded to stab the man with a kitchen knife.

As she got back to her apartment on Tuesday, Exum told a New York Post reporter.

She was released without bail at her arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, even though prosecutors have asked for her to be held on $10,000 (£7.2k) bail or $50,000 (£36.2k) bond for the second-degree assault charge.

Grace Lunden, Manhattan Assistant District attorney, testified in court, “this is a violent case, “Where the victim was stabbed twice: once in the forearm but once in the back.

Genie was taken into custody on October 18 under an assault charge

According to prosecutors, the man was already bleeding when he went down into the lobby. There, a doorman called the police. He received stitches at Bellevue Hospital.

Pajulas, a professional model represented in New York City by Q Management, was stitched at Bellevue Hospital.

Exum’s public defender, Brooke Quincy Myers, claimed that the victim told him he “doesn’t want the case as we advance.”

Genie has 35,000 Instagram followers, and she calls herself a musician in her bio.

The New York Post reported that Judge Michael Gaffey supported the defense but issued an order of protection against Exum. It required her to avoid Pajulas.

Genie has 35,000 Instagram followers, and she describes herself as a musician in her bio.

She has a lot of beautiful photos on her Instagram and recently shared a topless picture of herself in front of an NYPD cruiser.

Pajulas, pictured receiving stitches at Bellevue Hospital

“Caption this,” She jokingly wrote alongside the offer that showed her raising her top to show her chest.

She describes herself as a “simple, but effective” woman. “free spirit from Alabama with a loud mouth and dirty mind” On her OnlyFans Account.

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