“Nightmare on Elm Street” Movie House Is Up for Sale in Los Angeles?


There are a lot of inanimate objects that often become stars of a film. For example, the DeLorean in Back to the Future, the Necronomicon from Evil Dead, and of course, any number of houses from various movies (Psycho, Amityville, Beetlejuice). One of the most iconic horror movie houses is up for sale. You can now own your own piece of cinematic history.

That’s right, you too can spend countless sleepless nights in the house-made famous by Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. You can spend your days listening to strange children sing a bizarre lullaby while they skip rope in your front yard. You will spend your nights awake in terror, drinking coffee, and trying to stay awake. We mean nightmare, not a dream! Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is, how much is the Nightmare on Elm Street house worth today?

What’s the price of the infamous ‘Nightmare on Elm Street house?

The famed Los Angeles Dutch Colonial at 1428 N. Genesee Ave. is being sold for $3,250,000. What are you getting for such a high price? According to Zillow, you get “an open, retro-modern kitchen, beautiful built-ins, a grand primary suite, bathrooms en suite to every bedroom, separate laundry room, and multiple works from home options.”

The property also boasts a guest house which is where Bo Burnham filmed his Netflix special Bo Burnham: Inside. Evidently, the Elm Street house is owned by his girlfriend of eight years, Lorene Scafaria (director of Hustlers). The only change she made was to paint the signature red door black, which is a reference to “Paint It, Black” by the Rolling Stones.”


The Zillow ad does mention the fact that the facade of this house was used in Nightmare, which is great because this is the kind of thing you really have to divulge to a potential new buyer. The movie’s fans will take endless photos of the house in front of it. Freddy Krueger will be seen often by people, even though it is not October. Just ask the folks who own Laurie Strode’s (Halloween) house.

Where is Laurie Strode’s house?

The Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween) house is located in South Pasadena, Calif., even though the movie takes place in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Ill. Thousands of people descend upon this home annually. One fan told Inside Edition, “It is the most important house, I am obsessed with it.”

You can also visit the home of Michael Myers. Originally located at 707 Merdian Ave in South Pasadena, it was eventually moved to 1000 Mission St. Currently it’s a tourist attraction where you can even walk across the street to the hardware store where Michael purchased the infamous mask. Thankfully the house has been labeled a historical landmark which means it can’t be destroyed.

If you can’t get yourself all the way to California, you need only go as far as Hillsborough, N.C., where a full replica of the Myers house exists. The Myers House N.C. is owned by Kenny Caperton, who, to no one’s surprise, is a huge fan of both Halloween the holiday and Halloween the film. Without blueprints for the original house, building the Myers House was quite challenging, but he did his best to maintain its integrity.



According to the Myers House N.C. website, “the inside got a few bathrooms, slightly bigger bedrooms, a small laundry room, and a few other minor alterations, but the important elements from the movie — Judith’s bedroom, the hallways, staircase, and the basic locations of the kitchen, dining room, and living room — area in the same places.”

You must make a reservation in advance to visit the Myers House N.C. They no longer allow you to drop by for individual appointments. This applies to fedora-loving, serial killer dolls and unkillable forms with family issues.