‘Only Murders in the Building’ Ending Explained: Is It Finally Happily Ever After?


Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers about the final of Only Murders are allowed in the Building.

Viewers are willing to eat anything and everything that has a true-crime premise these days. Every network and content producer seems to have its true-crime show. Heck, even VH1 is getting in on the action — this is the same network that gave us Flavors of LoveLadies and gentlemen.

It is easy to see why true crime is so popular. It’s too tempting to miss out on the opportunity to learn about the most bizarre cases yet unsolved and to have the pleasure of solving them.

Hulu’s Only Murders are allowed in the BuildingThe humorist mocks our culture’s obsession with actual crimes, but the mystery ending is something many people want to know.

Explained: “Only Murders Inside the Building” ending.

This comedy, which has a true-crime background, stars Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin. It sounds like an excellent series that was created in a fever dream. But it works. This comedy is also a murder mystery, thanks to all the jokes about people obsessed with true crime.

Like any good murder mystery, the path to the final killer is filled with many twists and turns. It’s easy for you to feel like you don’t know as much as the characters in the book or TV show you’re viewing.

Let’s see what happened at the climax of Only Murders in this Building

The biggest question in the Hulu series revolves around: “Who killed Tim Kono (Julian Cihi)?” After getting to know Tim, we discover that Jan (Amy Ryan), the Building’s bassoonist was the one who took him in. The two of them were romantically linked. Sometimes lovers will murder the person they love. This is how life works.

It all started when Tim felt out of sorts after his friend group, The Hardy Boys, ended when Zoe (Olivia Reis), his pal, died accidentally at the hands Of Theo Dimas (James Caverly).

Jan came in and swooped on Tim while he was in the elevator. The two started to kiss each other’s faces violently and began their passionate love affair.

Jan realized that Tim was cheating upon her when he found an emerald-colored ring in her apartment. The ring was thought to be his girlfriend, but in fact, Tim was keeping it as evidence of Zoe’s death. Jan was able to kill him, even though he had been trying to destroy the Dimas family.

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