Shady Insider Says Willie Nelson’s Flirting With Younger Country Stars Apparently Upsetting His Wife


It is Willie Nelson His womanizing ways are bothering his wife. According to one tabloid the singer is currently living with his wife. Here’s the latest gossip about the “On the Road Again”Country crooner.

Willie Nelson Caught In ‘Flirtfest’While on Tour

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Willie Nelson has been a big hit with the ladies while on his latest tour, and his wife Annie D’Angelo isn’t happy about it. “Willie’s pushing 90, but he’s a country boy at heart and can’t resist a little harmless flirting with all the girls he meets,”An insider’s view. “It makes him feel young and frisky again. His friends in the country music biz—like Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris—think he’s cute and call him ‘Grandpa,’ which Willie can’t like. But he still enjoys hanging around the younger set. He’s always been the life of the party as well as a huge flirt. He can’t help himself.”

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But sources insist Nelson’s flirting doesn’t get past his children who often join him on tour. And they apparently keep their mom in the loop on Nelson’s behavior. “Everyone knows putting a harness on a wild horse like Willie won’t do no good,”The tipster explains. “Annie tried that with cannabis, but he’s still popping the CBD gummies like they’re going out of style.”

And sources say it’s about more than just jealousy. Apparently, D’Angelo is also worried about her husband’s wellbeing. “His health hasn’t been the best due to all the drinking and smoking he used to do, and he’s got aches and pains,”The snitch is a confident. “But, for Willie, getting on the road and being surrounded by pretty ladies is the best remedy.”

Willie Nelson ‘Can’t Help Himself’?

This report is ridiculous for several reasons. First of all, the magazine insists over and over again that it’s all harmless flirting on Willie Nelson’s part. Of course, we have no idea if there’s any flirting to speak of at all, but even so, we don’t see why the outlet is making such a fuss over something it admits is so “harmless.”

Furthermore, even if D’Angelo was in a tiff over Nelson’s behavior, we certainly wouldn’t know a thing about it. As a man who’s devoted his life to music, Nelson’s personal life doesn’t make headlines much these days. No one is gossiping about the comings and goings of the 89-year-old country legend, and we don’t see why the tabloids are going after him like this.

We have to admit that Nelson has had a somewhat womanizing past. Nelson has been married four more times, had seven children and has had a few high-profile affairs. But, amazingly, the singer’s love life hasn’t made many headlines since settling down with D’Angelo in 1991. These rumors are unfounded and we don’t see why they should be disturbed.

More Willie Nelson gossip from The Tabloid

The National Enquirer Willie Nelson seems to be the one with the bone. According to the outlet, Nelson was about to embark on his last tour due health problems. Then the magazine reported Nelson’s family worried he was in his last days because he refused to retire. And finally, the publication alleged Nelson’s family were making final arrangements because they feared he was near death. Since Nelson is still performing and seems to be in good health, we can’t trust anything the Get in touch about the country star

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