Summer Travel Tips to Keep You Savable as Vacation Season Approaches


Sixty-five percent of Americans plan to travel this summer on vacation, but airport staff shortages and severe weather can put a damper on their plans.
Travel expert Pauline Frommer of Frommers guidebooks says there are things you can do to avoid a travel nightmare at the airport.
“If things go wrong at the airport, be proactive, get on that line, but also get on the phone, get on the internet, use everything you can, tweet the airline, try to get through to customer service by phone, you need to be proactive, so many people are traveling, so many flights are being canceled, it could be days before you get to where you’re trying to go,”Inside Edition was informed by her.

She said, “You would be.” “crazy”For airline and TSA reasons, it is best to arrive at the airport no more than two hours before departure.

She also shared another tip: “if you can, book the first flight of the day, that way you know the airline and crew has been at your hub overnight.”

Your patience is the best thing you can pack for summer travel.

“Vacations are supposed to be fun, and that includes what’s happening at the airport,”She said. “Be polite this summer.”