Suspicious Insider Claims Gisele’s Apparently Revisiting Her Prenup With Tom Brady


It is Gisele BundchenRequesting a new prenup Tom Brady? One tabloid claims the supermodel wants to secure her share of Brady’s new $375 million deal if they part ways. Here’s what we know about the couple’s finances.

Gisele Wants a ‘New Marriage Contract’?

This week Star Reports say Tom Brady signed a $375million deal with Fox Sports to continue his career after he retires. Gisele Bundchen has seen dollar signs. And now, sources say the supermodel’s friends are urging her to renegotiate her and Brady’s prenuptial agreement. “The current prenup is pretty ironclad and lists how everything will be divided should they break up, but it needs to be updated and it can be if both parties agree,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

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Bundchen and Brady have made a lot of money together since tying the knot in 2009, but sources say Brady’s new deal is just too much cash for Bundchen to risk. “Gisele is rich in her own right,”The tipster is trustworthy. “But her friends are telling her she’d be nuts not to revise their prenup and she’s likely to listen to them.”

Are Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen renegotiating their prenup?

There isn’t a shred of evidence to support this story. The outlet may claim that they have received testimony from alleged insiders. However, we are skeptical that the couple’s true friends would reveal their private information this way. This subject matter is very personal and is likely to be discussed only between Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and their lawyers. So, no, we do not believe that the magazine has the kind of insight that it’s claiming to.

And as for Brady and Bundchen’s prenup, we have absolutely no idea if they’re thinking of renegotiating it. Maybe they have already re-written it ten times over given the years of her being worth far more than her husband, or maybe they haven’t even looked at it since signing it in 2009. We aren’t going to pretend to know—but that’s something that this rag has no issue doing. Still, This video shows the recent relationship.It makes it seem as though divorce seems far away from their minds.

The Outlet On Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady

We’ve learned not to trust anything Star says about Brady & Bundchen. The outlet stated that the couple were married in 2020. “living separate lives.”The magazine also claimed Bundchen was imposing a curfew against Brady. And more recently, the publication alleged Brady and Bundchen’s marriage was “in crisis.” Obviously, Star isn’t really an expert on the beloved couple’s marriage.

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