‘Survivor’ Star Michelle Yi Gives Health Update After Attack By Homeless Woman


After being involved in a rather frightening incident, former Survivor contestant, Michelle Yi made a public statement concerning her recovery. Yi was a competitor on the 2007 Survivor Season, which was originally set in Fiji was attacked in Santa Monica (California) earlier in the month.

Michelle Yi: What’s the Deal?

Michelle Yi has revealed recently to people that She was attacked as she arrived at a Pilates studio early in the morning. All was well at first. Yi welcomed her students to class. Yi said that things began to change when she noticed some changes in Yi’s students. “disheveled and agitated” Approaching her. According to the former reality star, the woman was yelling at her, screaming that she had stolen her identity.

“Santa Monica has a homeless problem, and I’ve dealt with this type of thing before,” Yi explained. “So I told her, ‘Ma’am, you can’t be here. You need to leave.’”The woman then became violent towards Yi. “She stabbed me in the left bicep,” Yi said this before adding the woman “hit” her “on the right hand with the baton.”Yi then said: “My face split open; blood was everywhere.”

What Happened To Michelle Yi’s Attacker?

In addition to attacking Yi, the police discovered the woman also struck two other victims. Fortunately, the other two victims didn’t endure as severe injuries as Yi did and didn’t have to go to the hospital for medical treatment. Rudy Flores of the Santa Monica Police Department stated that they first responded to reports about a woman. “carrying a baton and hitting cars.”Yi was attacked just a few minutes after Yi had made the initial phone call.

The attacker was Later, Alexandria Diaz was identified Diaz, who was later found to be on the missing person list. According to police, Diaz suffers from mental illness, and it’s speculated she was off her medication when the attacks took place. Diaz was arrested earlier this week on three counts of assault using a deadly weapon.

Is Michelle Yi Ok?

Yi survived the multiple injuries and was able to drive to the hospital for the necessary treatment. Yi was treated with stitches to her face and an X-ray of her hand. “Fortunately, nothing was fractured,” Yi reported.

Yi stated that “Physically, I’m on the mend,” it’s her emotional health that may be harder to repair. “Emotionally, it’s harder, but I should be ok,” She assured the public. Yi described the incident. “really awful” They hoped that similar situations would be handled faster by the police in the future. “It was dark when this happened. I hope that police will have more protections during the hours that we need them most,” Yi said.

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