Tabloid Gossip Says Cher Apparently Furious Over Diana Ross’ Recent Performance


Is there bad blood between the parties because of a recent performance? Diana RossAnd Cher? One tabloid claims the singers’ feud is still alive and well. Here’s what we know.

Cher gives Diana Ross the gift of love ‘Stink Eye’?

The most recent edition National Enquirer Reports claim that Diana Ross and Cher remain at odds, even decades after their split. According to the article, Ross’ recent performance at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee incited jealousy from her ex-bestie, Cher. “Seeing Diana strut her stuff at the Jubilee was tough for Cher to take,”An insider’s guide to cooking. “In Cher’s way of thinking, it would’ve been nice to be invited since she’s the grande dame of Hollywood, not Diana.”

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The tipster reminds readers of the bitter split between former friends after Gene Simmons, Kiss frontman, left. “Believe” songstress for Ross back in the late ’70s. “Cher was so in love with Gene. They were living together and everything, and then suddenly he was leaving her for Diana,”The snitch is a confident. “What really hurt Cher is she considered Diana a true friend. They were very close until Diana stabbed her in the back.”

Cher is Diana Ross’s adoring wife?

The truth behind Cher and Diana Ross’ falling out is far less dramatic than the magazine makes it out to be. In fact, it doesn’t seem like there was ever any bad blood between the two powerhouses. This was a common belief. Gene Simmons interviewed Gene Simmons in 2015 to confirm the assertions.. Simmons said in that report: Mirror how his and Ross’s relationship began.

“One Christmas I asked [Cher] what I should buy her and she said, ‘Call my friend Diana Ross, she will tell you exactly what I like as she is my best friend.’ So I called Diana up and we went shopping. Then our feelings for each other developed very fast and we started a relationship together. I guess thereafter Cher and Diana never spoke.”

But it would seem like Simmons’ memory wasn’t so reliable. According to Interview Simmons conducted in 1980Cher was friendly with Ross and Simmons after their breakup. After the split, she even attended a Kiss rehearsal together.

Cher also posted a shoutout for her friend from 2017 “Watch Diana,”Cher tweeted. “She’s still breathtakingly beautiful, & electric on stage.”

So, looking at all of the facts, we’re highly skeptical of the tabloid’s story. While it’s fair to say Ross and Cher didn’t stay as close over the years, this talk of jealousy is complete nonsense. So, no, we don’t believe Cher was anything other than happy for her old friend as she performed at the Platinum Jubilee.

The Magazine on Cher & Diana Ross

The following are some of the highlights. National Enquirer‘s blasé treatment of Cher and Ross’ history is nowhere near justified, we can’t say it’s surprising. We’ve busted plenty of the tabloid’s stories about the singers in the past. The outlet said that Diana Ross was in poor health last year. The magazine then claimed that Cher celebrated her birthday with a long list of plastic surgery procedures. Finally, the magazine claimed that Cher was having difficulties with her finances. “unrelenting pain” after a dental procedure. Evidently, after a dental procedure. Inquire isn’t trustworthy anywhere Cher or Diana Ross is concerned.

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