Timeslot For The ‘Wendy Williams Show’ In Plans To Be Replaced By Nick Cannon’s Talk Show?


Wendy Williams’ absence from her daytime talk show reportedly has some wondering if she’ll be replaced if her treatment for unspecified mental health issues stretches on much longer.

One name being bandied about as her possible replacement is Masked Singer host Nick Cannon, but unlike previous rumors, this time around Cannon wouldn’t be taking over her show. Instead, some industry insiders say The Wendy Williams Show’s time slot will be replaced by Cannon’s show, but there are some complications with this latest rumor.

‘Nick Cannon Show’ To Replace ‘Wendy Williams Show’?

Nick Cannon’s new talk show, the Nick Cannon Show has only been on the air a few short weeks, but there’s already chatter that the father of seven may soon take on a daytime giant. After a breakthrough COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment for mental health issues twice postponed the premiere of Wendy Williams’ talk show, sources say executives are trying to figure out what to do if there are more delays.

A source supposedly close to the show told Page Six, “The executives have been talking,” adding, “They are keeping a close eye on [Williams’] recovery and hoping for the best. But they have pushed back [her] show premiere several times so they are already thinking of a backup plan.” That backup plan reportedly includes talk show newcomer Nick Cannon.

Both Cannon’s and Williams’ shows are produced by the same production company, Liongates’s Debmar-Mercury, so it’d be a simple enough solution to slip the Nick Cannon Show into the Wendy Williams Showtime slot the source insisted.

What One Source Is Saying

“It would not be a far stretch for Nick to take her time slot,” the tipster opined, adding that Cannon “already has a major platform, and a huge fanbase, so it is an easy win.” This way, if Williams’ show winds up being “a no-go, their backup plan is already set.” Though the source seems confident in their assessment of the situation, we’re not too sure this solution is as likely or as simple as it’s being painted out to be.

First of all, both Williams and Cannon’s talk shows are syndicated, which means the decision to swap time slots would be a station-by-station decision. Secondly, it’s entirely too early to tell what will happen if Williams requires more time away from her show to treat her health issues.

Wendy Williams’ Treatment Continues

As there’s precious little reliable information to be had on Williams’ current status and the problems that drove her to treatment in the first place, it’s unclear whether Williams will need more time. As it currently stands, Williams is expected to make a return to her show on October 18, about a month after the sometimes controversial talk show host was originally expected to premiere Season 13 of her show. There’s still time for Williams to make a recovery, but with her health on the line, there shouldn’t be a rush for her to return to work.

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