Victoria’s Secret fans support Adriana Lima’s new look


After a TikTok video of Adriana Lima on the red carpet went viral, fans have rallied around the Victoria’s Secret model.

In January, the model revealed that she was once again pregnant.

Andre Lemmers III, the Brazilian beauty and partner, shared the exciting news via TikTok. A clip of a positive pregnancy screening was included.

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The brunette model currently has two daughters with ex-husband Marko Jarić - 12-year-old Valentina and nine-year-old Sienna.

Adriana, best known for her role as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and opening the legendary fashion show, was opened in 2003, 2007,2008, 2010, and 2012.

Vera Wang and Giorgio Armani have also used the star for Prada, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.

The former model announced the happy news back in February
In February, the former model shared the happy news.

Although she does look different now that she is carrying a child, one TikTok user took a snap at her earlier in the week.

A number of screenshots were shared by the user from Adriana’s appearance last month at the Cannes Film Festival, where Andre was beside. The user stated: “Adriana Lima looks so radically different now!”

Adriana Lima attends the screening of "Elvis" during the 75th annual Cannes film festival
Adriana Lima attended the screening “Elvis”During the 75th Cannes Film Festival

While it isn’t clear if this was meant to be a sly observation, many of her fans took it that direction and raced to comment to defend her.

One wrote: “She looks stunning!”While a second said: “Duh, she’s pregnant.”

Another author wrote: “And she still looks better than 90% of you all,”While the fourth one defended her in writing “People fail to realise: she’s retired from modelling, her other pregnancies she was a working model.”

As she was being defended by another person, he wrote: “Seriously she’s in her 40s and this is her third pregnancy!! Yet she still looks better than most women. She will always stay beautiful no matter what”


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