Which team is better, Team Paxton or Team Ben: Never Have We Ever Stars Decide


Warning: This article contains spoilers for the third season of Season 3. Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I EverWe can choose sides. 

The third season finale of Netflix’s comedy ended with Devi (August 12, 2018).Maitreyi Ramakrisnan) on Ben’s (Jaren Lewison) doorstep, looking to cash in the “one free boink”The card he gave her earlier during the season. The pair, who dated in season two, reunited and ended the season with a make-out session. 

ButWhat does this mean for Devi’s ex boyfriend Paxton?Darren Barnet)? Yes, Devi is going to Arizona college while he goes to college. Devi seems to have finally committed himself to Ben. Were we wrong to wonder if there is still a spark?

Who is Team Ben? We decided to go to the source.

“I like to break mine up into percentage points,”E! exclusively spoke to Jaren News. “I go 70 percent Team Ben, I go 20 percent Team Paxton, because I love Daren, and 10 percent Team Devi because we’re all rooting for her to find self-love.”

Was that enough to convince us to join Team Ben!