A shipping container accidentally falls causes damage to a car near Port of Los Angeles


After a Southern California truck fell off a shipping container, it landed on a car and caused it to flatten.

“I mean, I came in, and I saw the container completely destroy and topple my brother’s car,” One witness spoke out for KCBS. “Honestly, I was just shocked. I’m glad he wasn’t in the vehicle.”

The accident took place in Wilmington, close to the Port of Los Angeles. It was happening amid growing gridlock where trucks are blocking streets.

KCBS inspected the area and discovered unsafe situations, such as trucks moving through stop signs or containers balancing on top of others like a game.

“The kids can’t play football in the street anymore, “One resident stated.

“Someone is going to get hurt, especially the kids,” An additional option was added. “Can’t ride their bikes, can’t skate, pedestrians can’t walk, the dust — they’re tearing our properties up.”

Valerie Contreras of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council says that more must be done to remedy this horrible situation.

“The trucks should not be going through the residential street, and we need to put a stop to that by getting a truck route,” She made the observation.

“Also, there are too many trucks coming to Wilmington, meaning there are too many storage yards and facilities. And we need to make sure that it is regulated.”

LAPD also responded to the incident, and they are now paying more attention to the traffic around the port.

Cargo ships wait at sea while they wait to be able to dock in the port.