Blake Shelton, allegedly fighting Gwen Stefani for plastic surgery


Although it sounds incredible, this is actually possible. Blake SheltonIn secret, disgusted Gwen Stefani? After a year of marriage, you’d think this would be an obvious no. However, rumors persist that she’s addicted the plastic surgery and Shelton is having none of it. Let’s study these cruel tales and learn if there’s anything to this story.

Blake Shelton is Beging

The following is the National EnquirerStefani is frightening her friends by her use of copious amounts of fillers. According to an insider, “It’s no secret she’s been obsessed with Botox and filler for years—but she’s really gone overboard now … She can’t even move her face and her smile looks distorted because of all the filler!”Shelton was apparently aware of the problem, and has been working hard to get her advice about natural aging.

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The story claimed Shelton was close to Shelton, but Shelton is not going to talk to them. Inquire. Stefani may have had a little work done, but she’s still completely recognizable and can emote. She looks stunning and it’s her body to do what she’d like. This was nothing but an insult.

Gwen Stefani Won’t Stop

The Inquire was at it again when it announced Stefani looked like Frankenstein’s monster. She appeared at AFI’s tribute to Julie Andrews, and a source says Shelton was turned off. “Blake is begging Gwen to stop the plastic surgery … It’s turning him off and he doesn’t want her becoming that Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein.”

This story was almost identical to the earlier article about Stefani’s looks. The story was updated to reflect the AFI Show, but that was all. Shelton isn’t going to spill dirt about Stefani to this rotten tabloid, so the whole story was false.

Call The Intimacy coach

When is the InquireGoing to leave Stefani alone? It was just weeks after she had criticized her AFI look, that it revealed Stefani was obsessed by surgery and was ruining her marriage. Sources claim that the surgery was successful. “a real turn-off for Blake and he’s begged her to stop… but Gwen won’t listen.”Because of her facial features, the No Doubt singer sought help from an intimacy coach.

You’d figure the tabloid would get bored of regurgitating the same story over and over again. It would be wrong. This story was nothing new. Stefani and Shelton still love each other, and Stefani still looks exactly like Stefani. The couple are absolutely in love and you’ll get to bask in their glory when The VoiceThis fall, returns

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