Kylie Jenner Blasts Critics After Being Slammed for ‘Sanitation Protocols’ at Cosmetics Lab


Kylie Jenner was the subject of significant backlash because she failed to follow proper guidelines “sanitation protocols”At a Kylie Cosmetics laboratory in Italy. In an Instagram posting on August 3, she shared several videos and photos of herself. “creating”You can apply makeup to new areas without any protective gear except for the lab coat. 

While her long hair hangs over the work surface, her pink nails and bare hands are visible. Jenner is seen in the photos mixing formulas and using lab materials.”In the lab creating new magic for you guys. Better than ever. @kyliecosmetics,”She wrote the following: Caption.

Some users took offense at her failure to use a hairnet or gloves, and challenged her disregard for protocol. One commenter said, “Where are the gloves? The mop cap? The safety shoes???,”While another wrote “This is so staged. Where is your hairnet, shoe covers, mask, and disposable gloves? What lab in Italy is letting you break sanitation protocols? Y’all really buying this.”

Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy-winning cosmetic artist and developer, called Jenner out. Bennett attacked Jenner in her comment section, before embarking on a new rant on his own account.

I know that the Kardashian/Jenner stans will come after me because I call out their cosmetic queen…but what? [kyliejenner],” he wrote in the post’s caption.”As part of my job, I am a cosmetic designer and work with cosmetic manufacturing companies (and their laboratories). I have short hair and have never been allowed to enter the lab or onto the manufacturing floor with out a hair net, shoe covers and mask…and disposable gloves.”

“Kylie is luring her fans into believing she creates cosmetics.” he continued. “And I’d like to know what ignorant manufacturer (in Italy) let her stage this photo-op in their lab and on the manufacturing floor – without following proper sanitation protocols. Because I want to ensure that my clients never work with them, I need their name.”

“This is not how we make cosmetics. It’s a misrepresentation of our industry. To protect you, only reputable manufacturers will follow strict sanitation protocols. [ShameOnYou] [kyliejenner],” he concluded.

The following day, Jenner commented on Bennett’s post, claiming the photos were not taken in a manufacturing facility.”Kevin – this picture is not taken in a manufacturing facility. I would not ignore sanitary protocols.” Jenner wrote. “It’s totally unacceptable.

“This is my small personal space where I can create my own fun samples, and take photos for content that is not as mass-produced.” she added. “Customers should not be put at risk by anyone! Shame on Kevin for spreading false information!”

Bennett responded to Jenner, accusing her of “Gaslighting” her fans again.”You were standing on a platform looking at a homogenizing kettle, which had produced at least 50 liters (the product still covering all the mixing paddles), without any PPE.” he replied to Jenner. 

“This isn’t a cosmetics production facility. It’s your personal space. Wow, this is some serious gaslighting.” Bennett then added, “Shame on you? Shame on you and whoever manages your social networks for trying to make everyone believe I’m to blame. Take responsibility for the error you made and move on.”

Jenner remarked, “Ah, Kevin!” before adding, “”Ugh, now I must change my dog’s name,” according the TooFab.”Are your seriously going to lie, and then troll?” Bennett retorted. “Wow.” 

Bennett also apologized for not responding to similar photos from Selena Gomez sooner. He said, “Celebrities shouldn’t be allowed bypass sanitation protocols for photo-ops just because they are rich or famous.” 

“Shame on the manufacturers for allowing any celebrity’s entire team to film in the lab and on the manufacturing floor without proper PPE (interesting that both manufacturers are in Italy). Kylie and Selena are BOTH WRONG and should issue public apologies for requesting the labs to breach sanitation protocols for their self-promotion.”

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