Dubious Insider Claims Michael Douglas Struggles To Keep Up With Catherine Zeta Jones - 25-Year-Old Age Gap


It is Michael DouglasIs there a slowing down? The star, who is 77 years old, is 25 years older than Catherine Zeta JonesOne rumor suggests that the couple is starting to have problems with each other because of this gap. This is quite suspicious, considering they have been together so long. Let’s learn what’s happening.

‘Time Ain’t On His Side!’

Per the Globe, Douglas can’t keep up with Zeta-Jones anymore. “Their 25-year age gap was always going to bite them at some point,”According to a source. “That’s what Michael’s dealing with right now as he closes in on his 80s and becomes way less agile and energetic.” 

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According to an insider, Zeta Jones is as energetic and as popular as ever, and continues to turn heads. She’s just been spotted hitting the golf course “where she gets no shortage of admiring looks from handsome guys,”The snitch continues. Douglas, however, is too tired to go with her and prefers to read before going to bed. According to an insider, Zeta Jones is the one. “extremely understanding. They make the most of the time they get together.”

Catherine Zeta Jones Upset?

This story’s ending is a complete rewrite of everything that preceded it. Catherine Zeta Jones, “extremely understanding”According to this source, why is this story even possible? The massive letters are GlobeThe couple announces that they are in conflict over an age difference. However, the two eventually pull the rug out of the floor. This is an absurdity, even within the bizarre logic of this outlet.

That being said, there’s no reason to trust a word the Globemust say in the first instance. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have always been 25 years apart, yet they’ve managed to stay lovingly married for decades. It’s also no secret that Zeta-Jones would turn heads on a golf course so that hardly qualifies as proof of a problem.

Douglas, at 77 years old, would be expected to slow down. However, he’s not. He’s going to star in Quantumania: Ant-Man and The WaspParamount+ has cast him as Ronald Reagan. You can’t say Douglas doesn’t have energy if you add another AppleTV+ series.

Bogus Michael Douglas Gossip

The GlobeDouglas and Zeta Jones are her favorite targets. It was claimed that Douglas would live for months after a cancer return in 2019. That was 100 percent bogus, and he’s still doing fine to this day. We were also confronted with a story about Zeta Jones forcing Douglas to have a facelift. There’s no evidence this ever happened.

This tabloid reported the exact opposite. It was later reported that Zeta-Jones had pleaded with Douglas not to have plastic surgery. These stories are contradictory and prove the contrary. GlobeIt is impossible to trust stories about Zeta Jones and Douglas.