Married at First Sight: Olajuwon & Katina Share Romance Update


Getting Married at the First Sight is a decision this couple won’t regret. 

Viewers watched season 14 of Lifetime’s reality TV show. Katina GuteAnd Olajuwon DickersonSay it “I do”Just minutes after they met for the first time. For the next eight weeks, the couple documented their life as newlyweds with Olajuwon reaffirming his commitment during a reunion show proposal. 

Now, as season 15 of Married at the First SightThis pair will be reminiscing to fans about happy endings thanks to the social experiment.

“The show does really work as long as you both are there for the right reasons and you really truly want to be married,”Exclusively shared by Katina with E! News. “If you are signing up and you have it in your mind that you’re going to see it through and that you’re going to be committed, it can be successful.”

Olajuwon added, “Focus on your marriage. Really get to know your person. Don’t sit there and pick on their flaws. See what value they bring to your life and that’s how you grow.”