In Response to Controversial London Protest, Prince Charles is Criticized Heavily


Prince Charles’s seemingly inept response to climate change and his support of it “eco-zealots,” One columnist was furious at the actions of climate protestors, also known as climate activists. Blasted for being the heir to Britain’s throne “worryingly out of touch with the lives of ordinary people” His comments regarding the controversial protests are below.

Prince Charles Sounds Off On Climate Protestors

Environmental activists in London gathered for two weeks in late August to demand immediate action from the government regarding climate change. Many of these protests led to disorder. This led to over 500 arrests after protestors with their demonstrations blocked traffic.

Prince Charles was asked by the BBC’s climate editor Justin Rowlatt about the protests and explained that it “isn’t helpful, I don’t think,” To demonstrate support for the cause “in a way that alienates people.”Charles was a long-standing champion for environmental causes. He continued to do so. “So I totally understand the frustration, the difficulty is how do you direct that frustration in a way that is more constructive rather than destructive.”

This wasn’t good enough for One Columnist, Stephen Glover. Glover wrote that Prince Charles is now “increasingly alarmed by climate change, sometimes to the point of being apocalyptic,” was largely dismissive of the crown prince’s environmental worries. Glover even said that Charles was his environmental concern. “sometimes sounds like an interesting thought dotty professor who is worryingly out of touch with the lives of ordinary people.”

Traffic Jammed By Massive Protests

Glover pointed out, rightly, that many people found themselves in a similar situation to Glover. “stuck in endless queues on motorways,” This caused some to be late for work, or appointments at the doctor.

“He could and should, have pointed out that blocking roads, and preventing hard-pressed folk from going about their business, is not only utterly pointless and extremely anti-social,” Glover continued, adding, “It is also now illegal.”

Glover then shared a rather dull anecdote about Charles twice being driven in a Bentley. Although Glover once saw Queen Elizabeth riding in a horse-drawn carriage, she rarely mentions it.

One Writer’s Advice To The Crown Prince

Glover concludes his column by advising Prince Glover. “stop ruffling the feathers of millions of Britons, and to bend his energies to becoming the kind of gloriously impartial monarch his mother is.” It’s somewhat odd the line Glover walks in the article.

At no point does he provide evidence that Prince Charles’, or the “eco-zealots” Concerns about climate change are exaggerated, for that matter. He simply insists that others might disagree with him and makes fun of the prince for having a vehicle that runs on Biofuel while also taking a police escort. Charles is in a strange and hypocritical situation because the vehicles that accompany him use regular fuel.

Glover rightly points out that Charles’ privilege allows him to be environmentally conscious in a way that regular citizens, even ones who work on his behalf like the police, don’t have access to. But the message behind his column isn’t that Charles should work to overcome these inequalities, but rather he should just shut up or risk alienating people who don’t have the privileges he does.

For all the respect he extends towards Queen Elizabeth, it seems like the only reason he likes her at all is that she’s silent on subjects that annoy him. Long live the queen, as long as she doesn’t bother me with her opinion.

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