When is the end for ‘Fortnite’ ?


The Mothership has left the island in a state of chaos. You can still find bits of the alien vessel scattered across the game’s map. There are also cubes popping up everywhere.

The super-scary monsters that come from these places are just a few examples. Fortnite Sideways. They are trying to get through the rifts in the game universe to attack players.

Epic Games isn’t always open about what fans can expect from the upcoming seasons. This leaves much of the work up to talented leak-finders who aren’t afraid to scan through lines of code for clues. However, you can rest assured that punchcards won’t be going anywhere in Season 9.

This feature was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 8. It was a reinterpretation of Battle Pass’s XP system. Instead of one general set of challenges, missions were created for each member. Fortnite gives players more choice and character.

While gamers can still earn XP using more traditional methods, it’d be quite shocking if Epic Games pulled out punchcards immediately after introducing the idea to the series.

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