The World’s Most Deadly Snake Arrives In Britain After Traveling 4,500 Miles In A Suitcase.


A stonemason found the saw-scaled viper as it slithered out of a container of Indian rocks. After a quick rescue by a reptile expert, the viper was moved to an Essex wildlife hospital.

After traveling 4,500 miles in a suitcase, a snake considered one of the most dangerous in the globe arrived in the UK.

A stonemason found the viper, which was slithering from an Indian rock container.

It was too cold from its long journey for the two-foot venomous reptile to launch an attack upon its arrival in Coryton (Essex).

But it was “very agitated and aggressive”Wildlife officials stated that they were happy to help.

After being called out Friday night, a reptile expert raced to grab the animal and transported it to South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

Sue Schwar, the manager of the wildlife hospital said that it was highly probable that someone could have died if they didn’t take it up.

“The stonemason was walking around holding it and then when the police said it was dangerous he put it into a box.

“He could have even died. I don’t know if there is an antivenom to help someone who was bitten. He is fortunate to be alive.”

Saw-scaled vipers are notorious for their quick and vicious attacks - and their venomous bites can cause an excruciating death if not treated quickly.

Sue said: “Your organs will begin to rot. It’s not instant death. They can be very aggressive snakes. They will bite you and you won’t be able to get away with it.

“Luckily, this snake was less active because it was cold [from being stowed away].”

TTheviper was placed in a locked box inside a sealed room at the wildlife clinic. to keep staff and patients safe

Sue said that the reptile was dangerous and should be removed.

She continued: “It was hissing and spitting when our reptile expert collected it. I don’t think people understand how dangerous this animal is.

“You will die if the box is opened. You can’t keep the viper.

A South Essex Wildlife Hospital post on Facebook said: “We had a call regarding a stowaway snake that had arrived in a shipping container from India.

“It was identified as a saw-scaled viper, and we have had one before. This snake is ranked among the most dangerous (it is believed that it has killed more people than any other species).”

Scientists believe the saw-scaled viper to be responsible for more human deaths than all other snake species combined, according to Britannica.

The snake is an Asian native and can be found in areas of Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

Twelve species are currently recognized around the world as saw-scaled vipers.

These tiny snakes are mighty and can make loud, raspy warning noises.

The subspecies Echis Carinatus carinatus is South India’s saw-scaled vipers. They can grow up to 40cm in length.

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