Is Cleo Evil on Season 4: ‘Legacies, Who is Cleo and What Is Her Story?


Spoiler Alert! This article contains spoilers about Season 4, Episode 1 Legacies.

Season 4 shows that not everything is as it appears. LegaciesCleo Sowande, Salvatore School’s newcomer (Omono Okojie), is proof of that fact. History has taught us that there’s a thin line between good and evil in the supernatural world, and Cleo walks the line in the season premiere.

We were first introduced to Cleo in Season 3, and it wasn’t long before she and Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) became besties. But Cleo showed her true colors when she attempted Hope’s life in the finale, which led viewers to wonder if she’s been a bad guy all along. Cleo, is Cleo evil? Legacies? Both yes and no.

Is Cleo evil in ‘Legacies’What is the best way to get started?

Season 4 premiere: Cleo tells Alaric (Matt Davis) the truth about her family’s past to him in the Season 4 premiere. Cleo’s story started in Nigeria hundreds of years ago. The trouble started when a Malivore, a monster that we now know is Malivore, terrorized her village.

In a heroic act, Cleo’s grandmother offered her life to end his reign, but Cleo intervened and asked Malivore to take her life instead. Despite her efforts, Cleo’s sacrifice was in vain, and her family was killed anyway.

She was held captive for hundreds of years by Malivore until she built a vessel to subdue the villain. It was then that Leonardo da Vinci helped her create the artifact, where she remained hidden until the person who could kill Malivore released her — which just so happened to be Hope.

Cleo tries and kills Hope to save her life, push Hope towards her true purpose, and make her the Tribrid she was meant to be. Although misguided, we learn that Cleo’s intentions weren’t nefarious. After learning that Cleo isn’t evil after all, Alaric invites her to stay at the Salvatore School. Cleo declines Alaric’s offer to keep her hunting for Malivore.

Actress Danielle Rose Russell claims that Hope and Cleo have an unfinished business in Season 4. Interview with KSITETV, she dropped hints about the fate of her character’s friendship with Cleo.

“I think it’s safe to say that seeing Hope and Cleo’s relationship evolve … where it left off, it’s very unfinished … I think that everyone feels that way, so there [are] more places to go within that dynamic. I can’t say how,” She teased.

Cleo sure has stirred up quite a bit of trouble since her arrival in Mystic Falls, but who is this mysterious muse that’s at the center of the controversy? Here’s what we know about the LegaciesNewcomer