So Is Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew Get Remarried Just To Avoid Lawsuits?


Are you Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson? Do you want to get married again? One tabloid claims the divorced couple is heading back to the altar amid Andrew’s recent legal battle. Here’s what we know.

Prince Andrew Plans To ‘Torpedo Sex Assault Case’Wedding

This week’s edition of the Globe According to reports, Prince Andrew and his legal team have devised a way for him not to be punished. Andrew was criticized for his association with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender. Most recently, Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s sex-trafficking victims, Andrew was the subject of a lawsuit that accused her of sexually assaulting her at the age of 17

Andrew has escaped all legal consequences as Roberts is a U.S. resident, but there are rumors Andrew could be extradited to the U.S. for trial. Roberts’ legal team may force his ex-wife and alibi Sarah Ferguson to testify as well. The outlet says that if Andrew and Ferguson get married again, U.S. law will ensure that Ferguson does not have to testify against him.

But that may not be the couple’s only reason for reconciling. According to the tabloid, Andrew and Ferguson are still in love and planned to get married anyway — Roberts’ lawsuit has just moved the timeline up a bit. The tabloid acknowledges that Ferguson’s source called to confirm the story. “nonsense,” Yet another insider’s take on the tabloid “Virginia’s lawyers are threatening to force Sarah to testify for her and destroy Andrew’s alibi, but if Sarah and Andrew are married, she won’t have to.”

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’ Still In Love’What is the best way to get started?

This story is absurd. As it stands right now, it doesn’t look like Andrew will be extradited. According to the U.K. police, they will. Take “no further action” against AndrewAfter after reviewing the case. Furthermore, Andrew’s legal team is confident they can. The whole suit should be thrown out due to a legal issue. While it’s still possible that Andrew will be forced to face the suit, it’s a bit premature to claim he’s remarrying Ferguson to poke holes in this lawsuit.

While the Duchess and Duke of York are unusually close, it is unlikely that they will remarry. Ever since their divorce in 1996, Ferguson has remained adamant that it is what’s best for her family. Ferguson shared this story in August. E.T.? “We are very happily divorced from each other,” Addition. “It seems to work. I suppose he understands that I have a lot to do in the world.”

The Tabloid on Prince Andrew

This wouldn’t be the first time the Globe. It was wrong about Prince Andrew. The tabloid reported earlier this year that Andrew was teaming with Prince Harry. “destroy the monarchy.” The magazine then reported that Andrew begged his family for money to settle his lawsuit. The outlet also reported that Andrew boasted about how rich he was. “untouchable” was time for the lawsuit. The lawsuit was won. Globe can’t keep its story about Prince Andrew straight.

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