So Is Laurie Strode Michael Myers’ Sister in ‘Halloween Kills’?


The Halloween Movies are beginning to feel more like movies. Star Wars Or the Fast & Furious franchise. Help is needed to decide the best order in which they should be viewed. What are the relationships between them? What are the characters in which film? Oh no, we’re lost again.

Is Laurie Strode Michael Myers’ sister in ‘Halloween Kills’?

We are incredulous to learn that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is Michael’s sister. Halloween II(1981). In the movie, Dr. Loomis is (Donald Pleasence) told about a Michael file that he never had access to. The governor sealed the family’s information after Michael murdered his older sister.

Laurie was born two years before Michael was committed. Their parents also died two years after Michael was sent home. They requested that the adoption of Laurie by the Strodes be kept secret after she was adopted.

This is why Michael seems so obsessed with killing Laurie. Halloween(2018) is the direct sequel to Halloween(1978). This is any information that has been revealed to us by the government. Halloween II(1981) is omitted. This is addressed by the 2018 HalloweenAndi Matichak plays Allyson, the granddaughter of Laurie Strode. She asks Allyson if her grandmother is related. Allyson quickly replies that she doesn’t know and says it is a rumor.

Why is Michael Myers obsessed with Laurie Strode?

Michael’s initial kill in the original Halloween sister Judith was his. After this, he is sent to a psychiatric facility for 15 years. The majority of Halloween This happens when he escapes from the hospital at 21 years old.

He quickly returns to Haddonfield, almost like he was programmed to. Michael visits Laurie for the first time after returning to his home. Laurie is assigned to slip the key in the mail slot for her father, a real estate agent trying to sell the Myers home.

Michael might not be able to separate reality and fantasy. Laurie reminds him of his sister Judith. He then focuses on Laurie and decides to murder her.

This could explain his obsession with her in David Gordon Green’s. Halloween(2018). He never finished what he began. The true-crime podcasters visited Michael at the mental hospital, where he had been since 1978. This might have rekindled his desire to kill Laurie.


Director David Gordon Green offered a slightly supernatural explanation for the link between Michael and Laurie. As I spoke with Games Radar, He said: “The Halloween franchise exists because of our good and evil — our Laurie Strode and our Michael Myers. The idea of this film was to create a portrait of Haddonfield as an entire community. To break apart [Laurie and Michael], essential pieces of DNA, and then see the worlds that spin around those essential ingredients.”

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